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If you haven't been to my site before I welcome you and hope you enjoy your stay.
If you are just checking in haven't dropped by in a while then you have to go an
see my gallery it has just been up dated with all kinds of good stuff allot of art that
 I have been working on. (highly recommended) please enjoy.  I have been slow
to change it and it is needed so please ignore the little glitches.  Thanks.

           Rick Marmei If you want a little personal info about me.

  Work If you want to find out about my work.

     Links Full of My favorite Links.

     Rick's Gallery Full of artistic photos. (recently improved)

           Games . NEW UPDATE very cool Flash Games

                             Recipes If you would like some of my favorite recipes (das Smect Goot)

If you have any comments please do email them to me at axisrm@gmail.com 

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