Name: Rick Marmei

Specifications: I am a single, male, 35 year old, 6'3" tall, Blond, 185 LB.

I originally born in Toronto and grew up here for 28 years or so.  I moved to
Vancouver and stayed there for 3 1/2 years and then moved back to Toronto.
Both places have their virtues.

I have worked in the Tooling and Manufacturing Industry for about 15 years
Both in Toronto and Vancouver.  My profession is a Industrial Production
Tool Designer. I design parts production dies and Plastic Injection Molds.
I also do design of Jigs and fixture work for various types of manufacturing.
I have gone through an 3 year apprenticeship for Mold making and am a
Government Certified Mold Maker.  Going through the machining side of the
industry I believe makes me better suited for more practical tool design.

I work at  Axis Tool Design.
I enjoy Photography, Sailing, Reading, Gardening and Cooking.
Listening various types of music Some of my favorite artists and
groups include (but not in this order)  :

Sarah McLachlan
Peter Gabriel
Art of Noise - But alas they started so much and are no more, it is a shame.
808 State
New Order - good site - Joy Division - Electronic
Bjork - The Sugar Cubes 
Anything ambient digital

A Brief history of SKA - Two Tone is cool.

Stereo Lab
Mick Jones Projects,  Big Audio Dynamite, Clash
The Satellites
Bob Marley
The Beatles and John Lennon
The B-52's
Talking Heads and David Byrne Projects
Lenny Kravitz

Herb Albert
Glen Miller
Frank Sinatra
Ella Fitzgerald
Ella Fitzgerald
Harry Connick Jr.
Nat Cole, (with Chiffaffa on the side.)
Holly Cole (not related)
Louis Armstrong
Louis Armstrong
Louis Armstrong
Some Gerswin

I have spent quite some time out in Vancouver doing various outdoor
activities.   Allot of camping and scenic photography.  Which can be
viewed at my PHOTO page.  BC is so large and quite beautiful
that it is quite a logical tourist area or even just great to camp in.
The Industrial side of BC is also doing well and always growing.

Freemasonry - 2 B 1 ASK 1.
This is the BC Grandlodge Website - Very extensive articles and finely written.

An overview of Freemasonry

Famous Freemasons
Famous Freemasons list
Red Skelton
Red Skelton Link 2
Red said you don't have to use dirty jokes to be funny. (I like that)
Winston Churchill
Louis Armstrong
H.G. Wells
I have read most of Wells books - 21 in total
There are Many Many more not listed here.

Notable Freemasons writings
Rudyard Kipling
Robbie Burns

The Rosetta Stone
Rosetta Stone

This is the link to the Ontario Grandlodge Website.

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